Les paroisses de l’Église orthodoxe russe ont fêté le 1030e anniversaire du Baptême de la Russie dans différents pays du monde

Celebrations of the 1,030th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia all over the world

On 28 July 2018, Russian Orthodox Church parishes celebrated the 1,030th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia all over the world, whether in France, in...
Saint Dométien

August 7

August 7 Dormition Fast Afterfeast of the Transfiguration. Martyr Dometius of Persia and two disciples (363). Finding of the Relics of St. Mitrophanes, first Bishop of Voronezh...
Bénédiction d’une deuxième église orthodoxe au pied du Mont Kilimandjaro

Blessing of a second Orthodox church at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro

On Sunday, July 8, in a remote area near the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, a second Orthodox church was consecrated, this time dedicated to...
Vladimirovo Russian Village finds new life in Illinois

Vladimirovo Russian Village finds new life in Illinois

After World War II, a Russian-speaking settlement was founded 113 miles West of Chicago, near Rock City, Illinois. In the 1960s, Archbishop Seraphim of...
Pan-Orthodox Music Symposium

Pan-Orthodox Music Symposium

Creative Spirit Found in Church Music is a Reality of Our Existence Minneapolis, Minn. – The feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist...
Miami has a new OCA Cathedral

Miami has a new OCA Cathedral

After 25 years in the making, Christ the Saviour Cathedral, Miami Lakes, FL, was consecrated by  His Eminence, Archbishop Alexander on May 27, 2018. Orthodox...
Congo Brazzaville

Consecration of Sainte-Photinie church in Pointe Noire (Congo Brazzaville)

On May 6, Sunday of the Samaritan Woman, the church Sainte-Photinie, in Mpaka, in the suburbs of Pointe-Noire, was consecrated. It will be the...

Saint Alexander Nevsky, a 300-ft-high church, is planned in Kerch, at the entrance of...

It will be one of the highest churches in the country. The act of the return of the land to the diocese of Feodosia was...

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