“Opening the Royal Gates: Divine Service in the Christian and Judaic Traditions”, by Fr....

You will soon be able to watch online the new 2018-2019 cycle of the Hebraic Tradition Tuesdays, led by Archpriest Alexandre Winogradsky Frenkel (Romanian...
Mgr Hilarion Alfeyev

Metropolitan Hilarion’s clarifications on the Ukrainian issue

On September 16, Metropolitan Hilarion was interviewed by the Russian RT television network. Here are the main points of the interview: The Chairman of the Russian...
« Roumanie, la beauté sacrée des monastères peints »

Film: “Romania, the sacred beauty of painted monasteries”

Please find available online and below until October 14th, this film by Arte on the painted monasteries of Bukovina in Romania, more precisely on...
Vidéo de la rencontre entre les deux patriarches

Video of the meeting between the two patriarchs

On the Ecumenical Patriarchate's Facebook page, you can see the first 15 minutes of the meeting between Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and Russian Patriarch Kirill,...
Vidéos et photographies de l’intronisation de Mgr Maxime, métropolite de Suisse

Newly enthroned Metropolitan Maxime of Swizterland

On August 18, Metropolitan Maxime was enthroned for Switzerland. You can watch here the video of his enthronement and of the Divine Liturgy presided by...
Interview with Hank Hanegraaff

Interview with Hank Hanegraaff, the “Bible Answer Man”

We invite you to watch the interview with Hank Hanegraaff done by Father Jivko Panev during the 2nd International Conference on Digital Media and...
Playing God? – The science, theology, and societal issues on gene-editing in Paris – 27 February 2018

Playing God? – The science, theology, and societal issues on gene-editing in Paris –...

What are its implications for our understanding of what it means to be human? What effects might it have on society as well as...

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