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Dear friends of the website,

You may have noticed that our site has been recently encountering technical issues, to the point of being sometimes offline or very slow. This is the result of DDoS Level 7 cyber attacks (with internet bots simultaneously opening 100 pages per second). We discovered these attacks started intensifying during the second half of October.

This painful situation forced us to do a lot of technical work, mobilizing us for several days! We had to do a few things that helped stabilize the situation: we first set up a proxy system to block all suspicious IP addresses, and several times, we changed servers with more technical capacity: the result is a faster processor and more RAM! The situation should stabilize shortly. If you still have problems (blank page, or the article not displayed in its entirety), please force the browser to completely reload the page as indicated HERE!

However, this is not enough. We remain vulnerable! The solution would be to build a new hand-coded version of the site, with even faster and more secure servers and ongoing monitoring, which so far was not possible, because of our limited resources. This requires precisely 284 hours of work by computer programmers, coders and integrators. The total cost is 8,500 euros, approximately $9,600!

We are therefore appealing for donations to raise this amount, in order to ensure the sustainability of the site! You can donate to our Endowment Fund “For the Knowledge of the Orthodox World” through PayPal.

When you make a donation to our Endowment Fund, you can benefit from an income tax reduction. See the law applied in your own country in that respect. was founded in 2005, is an internationally recognized news site. Our articles are mentioned by the media or serve as sources. They are also often translated by foreign media.