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The spiritual origin, nature, and meaning of the current pandemic. an interview with jean-claude larchet by

The spiritual origin, nature, and meaning of the current pandemic. An interview with Jean-Claude Larchet by

Jean-Claude Larchet, you are one of the first to have developed a theological reflection on disease, suffering, medicine. Your book ...
Word of consolation for the pandemic, archimandrite zacharias zacharou

Word of Consolation for the Pandemic, Archimandrite Zacharias Zacharou

Many people are in confusion and others panic because of the threat of the Coronavirus epidemic that spread in the ...
“faith & utterances 2 – one ark” by archpriest alexander a. winogradsky frenkel (patriarchate of jerusalem)

“Faith & Utterances 2 – One Ark” by Archpriest Alexander A. Winogradsky Frenkel (Patriarchate of Jerusalem)

Could we speak of unique memory and mesmerizing consciousness that has been passed down through the generations from ancient times, ...
International orthodox academic theologians appeal to holy synod of the serbian orthodox church to protect academic thought

International Orthodox academic theologians appeal to Holy Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church to protect academic thought

This appeal of international Orthodox theologians, 86 scholars from 40 academic institutions and 13 countries, is made following the deeply concerning pronouncements and edicts coming from the beloved Patriarchate of Serbia. We have come together with this appeal as we are concerned about impingements on the freedom of speech and academic thought, independence of universities, and ecclesiastical morality. Support for this appeal is great, and the number of signatories to this appeal would have been far greater had we not limited the period to join to three days.
About the situation in the former exarchate of russian orthodox parishes in western europe

About the situation in the former Exarchate of Russian Orthodox parishes in Western Europe

We present below the point of view of a cleric of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in Crete, Archimandrite Romanos Anastasiadis, on ...
Georges florovsky: excerpts from a letter to alexis klimoff

Georges Florovsky: Excerpts from a Letter to Alexis Klimoff

March 20, 1970 (…)  Autocephaly is a theme of great complexity. 1 I won’t attempt to sort out the toxic mix formed ...
How many orthodox christians regularly go to church in russia, and why?

How many Orthodox Christians regularly go to Church in Russia, and why?

St. Tykhon Orthodox University Press in Moscow published a book by Archpriest Nikolai Emelyanov, the vice-rector of the Institute of Theology of this university, and a coworker at the "Sociology of religion" scientific laboratory.
Metropolitan silouan of byblos, « the ‘master of eloquence and silence’ between the silence of man and the silence of god »

Metropolitan Silouan of Byblos, “The ‘Master of eloquence and silence’ between the silence of man and the silence of God”

Six years have passed since the abduction of Metropolitan Paul of Aleppo. He was kidnapped along with the Jacobite Syrian Metropolitan Johanna Ibrahim, while returning from Turkey to Aleppo. Since then, their fate remains unknown.