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Notes on the gospel homilies by st. nikolai velimirovich

Notes on the Gospel Homilies by St. Nikolai Velimirovich

On the occasion of the reprinting in French of the “Homilies: A Commentary on the Gospel Readings for Sundays and ...
The foundations of russian culture, by alexander schmemann

The foundations of Russian culture, by Alexander Schmemann

Alexandre Schmemann, Les fondements de la culture russe [The Foundations of Russian Culture], Éditions des Syrtes, 2019, 280 p. Here is our English translation of the synopsis by the publisher:
Book review: missionary letters, by saint nikolai velimirovich

Book Review: Missionary Letters, by Saint Nikolai Velimirovich

Saint Nicolas Vélimirovitch, Lettres missionnaires [Missionary Letters, by Saint Nikolai Velimirovich. Translated from the Serbian by Lioubomir Mihailovich, “Grands spirituels orthodoxes ...
« detach them and bring them to me!” new book by alexander siniakov

“Detach them and bring them to me!” new book by Alexander Siniakov

"A book full of sensitivity and hope, written by Father Alexander Siniakov for all those who believe that there is no humanism without a search for harmony with nature."
Ebook release: the ecumenical patriarchate and ukraine autocephaly

Ebook release: The Ecumenical Patriarchate and Ukraine Autocephaly

The Order of Saint Andrew the Apostle has made possible the recent release of a free ebook to download, on ...
Book presentation: wanderings (1723-1747), by vasiliy grigorovich-barsky

Book presentation: Wanderings (1723-1747), by Vasiliy Grigorovich-Barsky

Vassili Grigorovich-Barski, Pérégrinations [Wanderings] (1723-1747). Translated from the Russian by Myriam Odayski, Foreword by Pierre Gonneau, Afterword by Mikhail Yakushev. ...
The life of saint columba of iona for the first time in russian

The life of Saint Columba of Iona for the first time in Russian

The book "The World of Saint Columba, Ireland, and Great Britain, from the beginning of the Middle Ages through the eyes of the monks of the island of Iona" has just been published.
« what the bible says about solitude », a new book by sandrine caneri

“What the Bible says about solitude”, a new book by Sandrine Caneri

Nouvelle cité recently published a book by Sandrine Caneri on solitude in their "What the Bible says about ..." collection