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Orthodox charitable concerts in england

Orthodox Charitable concerts in England

St Elisabeth Convent in Minsk, Belarus, is well known for their social ministry. To help with their activities, their renowned ...

“Opening the Royal Gates: Divine Service in the Christian and Judaic Traditions”, by Fr. Alexandre Winogradsky Frenkel

You will soon be able to watch online the new 2018-2019 cycle of the Hebraic Tradition Tuesdays, led by Archpriest ...
Walk for international orthodox christian charities

Walk for International Orthodox Christian Charities

On Saturday September 29, The International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) organize their annual 5K Walk/Run in Chicago to support their ...
Program of patriarch irinej of serbia’s visit to switzerland

Program of Patriarch Irinej of Serbia’s visit to Switzerland

The website of the Orthodox Church of Serbia published the program of Patriarch Irinej of Serbia’s visit to Switzerland: Friday, August ...
Le festival de la jeunesse orthodoxe 2018

Le Festival de la jeunesse orthodoxe 2018

The French 2018 Orthodox Youth Festival will take place from September, 21-23. Readers of this English version may not be ...
Feast of the supraśl icon of mother of god in poland

Feast of the Supraśl Icon of Mother Of God in Poland

August 10 is the feast day of the wonderworking Supraśl Icon of the Mother of God. On that day, many ...
The orthodox pastoral school: fall semester

The Orthodox Pastoral School: Fall Semester

The Pastoral School of the Diocese of Chicago and Mid-America of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia offers a ...
St. vladimir’s seminary press to celebrate its 50th anniversary

St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press to celebrate its 50th anniversary

On October 6, St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press will be celebrating its 50th anniversary and its 50th Orthodox Education Day. The festivities ...