Patriarch’s Irinej’s Homily for the beginning of the Nativity Fast


On November 27, 2018, the eve of the beginning of the Nativity Fast (old calendar), Patriarch Irinej of Serbia delivered this short homily in Belgrade St. Michael’s Cathedral:

“The commandment of the fast is one of the first divine commandments : do not eat from the tree of knowledge. The Lord Himself, at the beginning of His mission, fasted for forty days, thus giving us the example. When we speak of fasting, we first think of the abstinence from fat, but we must keep in mind that fasting also consists in guarding oneself from evil thoughts and acts, from everything that takes us away from God. May the coming days be useful to our souls, let us fulfill the divine commandments! Let us lift up our prayers to the Lord, and thus prepare ourselves with dignity for the joyful feast of the Nativity of Christ. The Lord has shown us the way we must walk, He has shown us the meaning of life, which is to go to our Father and to inherit the heavenly Kingdom. May the Lord help us so that the Nativity Fast make us better persons! “.

Source in Serbian (with video)

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