Their Beatitudes and Most Holy Primates of the Orthodox Churches of the Middle East, Theodore II of Alexandria, John X of Antioch, Theophilos III of Jerusalem, and Chrysostomos II of Cyprus, met on April 18 at the Archdiocese of Cyprus in Nicosia.

Communiqué of the meeting of the primates in Cyprus
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During this synaxis, they prayed for peace in the whole world, for the stability of the holy local Churches, and especially for the tested Middle East.

They also prayed for the strengthening of the peoples in this region, so that the faithful of their Churches may continue to offer the Orthodox witness of our Lord Risen from the dead, mainly here in this Holy Land, which Christ and his illustrious apostles have tread upon, and more generally in the world that desires and awaits the salvific and hopeful message of the Gospel.

Their Beatitudes and Most Holy Primates emphasized the need to make great efforts to ensure stability in the Middle East. They discussed the main ecclesiastical issues, with regard to strengthening the Christian presence in this region and to deepening cooperation between local Churches in order to achieve this goal.

They also appealed to all political leaders to work, in view of developing of this region, to put an end to the injustice suffered by its peoples as a result of wars, occupation, and resulting economic difficulties.

In a private interview, the two primates of the Antiochian and Jerusalem Churches exchanged different views, in a spirit of sincerity, brotherhood, and love, about the problem of concern for both local Churches. They expressed their intention and good disposition to immediately overcome these difficulties, so that they may reach the desired Eucharistic communion.

In addition, Their Beatitudes and Most Holy Primates of the Orthodox Churches of the Middle East also discussed various ecclesiastical issues that occasionally arise within the Orthodox Church, and they have especially focused on the means of their solution.

They also talked about the problems that were created following the granting of autocephaly to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Informed by His Beatitude Archbishop Chrysostomos of Cyprus on the mediatory initiatives that he personally undertook, the three primates joined him so that his Beatitude could pursue his work in favor of the unity of the Orthodox Church in Christ.

In the spirit of this meeting, Their Beatitudes and Most Holy Primates have called on all parties to collaborate, on the one hand, to achieve the Eucharistic unity which constitutes the pleroma of the Church in Jesus Christ and, on the other hand, for the protection of the faithful, of places of worship and monasteries, in the face of attacks and all violent acts, whatever their origin and for whatever reasons and motives.

Their Beatitudes and Most Holy Primates have expressed their sorrow at the total indifference of the States and the powerful of this world, regarding the fate of the two metropolitans of Aleppo, Paul Yazigi and Yohanna Ibrahim, pointing out that the 6th anniversary of their abduction coincides this year with the beginning of Great and Holy Week.

Finally, after emphasizing their openness and willingness to continue their contacts and cooperation for the good of the Church, the primates stressed that while opinions may diverge in Orthodoxy, the Orthodox Church remains united and vibrant with our Lord God-man as her head, continuing her salvific journey in the world.

They concluded their synaxis by wholeheartedly praying to our Lord and God Jesus Christ, that by His divine and life-giving grace, He may quickly heal the various wounds of our peoples, and by His never-ending light and His glorious resurrection, He may enlighten, pacify, and illuminate the hearts of all the faithful, He may guide us all towards spiritual revitalization, and may keep us in the unity of faith and love. Wishing all a Holy Resurrection.

+ Theodore II of Alexandria

+ John X of Antioch

+ Theophilos III of Jerusalem

+ Chrysostomos II of Cyprus

Source in Greek Newsletter

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