Top 7 books for Lent
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Today as Christian Orthodox, we are starting our journey towards Pascha with Clean Monday. As our body is refraining from food to help us make room for the Lord in our minds and hearts, it is also the perfect time to nourish ourselves with books that will guide us daily during this Great Lent.

Here are the top 7 books for Lent:

  Top 5 books for Lent Top 5 books for Lent 

 Top 5 books for LentTop 5 books for Lent 

  Top 7 books for Lent Top 7 books for Lent  

Top 7 books for Lent

  1. Let’s start with 2 liturgical books: The Lenten Triodon, by Kallistos Ware.
    This is THE prayer book for this season, with all the major services. If you cannot attend them at Church, you can definitely use the book to pray and meditate everyday with them. Each line is so powerful!
    The book contains an excellent introduction to Lent and fasting.
  2. Traditionally, we pray The Great Canon of Saint Andrew of Crete during the first week of Great Lent.
    A rich text revisiting the whole story of salvation. In this edition, the canon of repentance is accompanied with the Life of Saint Mary of Egypt, also traditionally read this first week.
  3. Great Lent: Journey to Pascha, by Alexander Schmemann.
    A short explanation on the meaning of the different weeks of Lent in our lives.
  4. The Lenten Spring, by Thomas Hopko.
    Forty meditations on Great Lent based on liturgical, scriptural, and patristic texts.
  5. The Ascetical Homelies, by Saint Isaac the Syrian.
    These beautiful instructions on prayer and the spiritual life will touch your heart and draw you closer to God.
  6. My life in Christ, by Saint John of Kronstadt.
    The bite-sized reflections will draw you in Saint John’s profound spiritual experience and love for Jesus Christ and the Church.
  7. The Ladder of Divine Ascent, by Saint John Climacus (579-649).
    No Lenten book list would be complete without this classical patristic text. Many Orthodox monastics read it every year during this liturgical season. Its wisdom obviously applies to all, monastics and lay people.

Wishing you a blessed Great Lent!

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